Welcome to the Westney Group

The companies we invest in are just like yours!

Westney Group Inc. is a well-recognized and respected 41-year-old Canadian Private Equity Group located in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada.

Westney Group was founded on a unique focus we want to build or acquire, own and operate businesses with proven durable competitive advantages.

Westney Group Inc owns and manages companies both regionally and nationally in a wide variety of industries and markets including:

1.    Education & Private Collages

2.    Retail Bank Construction

3.    Large, Medium and Small Construction Project Management

4.    Millwork Services

5.    Commercial Building Repairs & Service

6.    Bank ATM machine service, warehousing and installation

7.    Building Cleaning Services

8.    Remediation & Environmental Services

9.    Metal Distribution

10.   Metal Processing

11.   Metal Fabrication

12.   Healthcare Clinics

13.   Manufacturing Healthcare Devices

14.   Automotive Services

15.   Commercial and Industrial Real-estate Development